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Strategy without entrepreneurship is central planning. Entrepreneurship without strategy leads to chaos.

Lean strategy process guards against the extremes of both rigid planning and unrestrained experimentation. In this framework, strategy provides overall direction and alignment. It serves as both a screen that novel ideas must pass and a yardstick for evaluating the success of experiments with them. Strategy allows—indeed, encourages—frontline employees to be creative, while ensuring that they remain on the same page with the rest of the organization and pursue only worthwhile opportunities.

Date : 23.08.2021 – 23.09.2021

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Building Great Product Management for any Tech Company

Companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook have demonstrated how critical an empowered product management function is to successful product companies. In this Webinar, we’ll address how companies at all levels of maturity can approach radically increasing the strategic impact of their product managers. We’ll analyze services companies becoming product-led, product-oriented startups, and mature digital product companies to describe how a transition to PM maturity can be planned and executed to create an operational model this is mature and continuously delivering greater business value.

Date & Time : 02.06.2021 Wednesday 10.00 (GMT +03.00 İstanbul)


International Business: Going Global on a Shoestring

1-hour webinar with Hans Peter Bech, the software industry business development expert and author on how software companies without big budgets can get access to foreign markets. In this webinar he shares his insight and experience with the attendees and answer questions about the various go-to-market approaches described in his recent book Going Global on a Shoestring.

Date & Time : 18.05.2021 Tuesday 10.00 (GMT +03.00 İstanbul)


Product Management : A Strategic Game-changer

Successful global tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook rely on product managers to drive growth in their business. In this Webinar, we’ll describe the strategic contribution product managers make to product organizations of all sizes, exploring this role’s key accountabilities and challenges. We’ll also talk about best practices mature product organizations should consider to improve the strategic impact of their product management function.

Date & Time : 04.03.2021 Thursday 16.00 (GMT +03.00 İstanbul)


Project to Product: The Transition

Gartner says over 50% of the organizations surveyed are moving from project-based to product-based delivery. In this Webinar, we’ll review the benefits of adopting a product-led business model and discuss a structured approach to making the transition from project to product. Anyone interested in exploring product development as a means of growing their business will benefit from this session.

Date & Time : 18.02.2021 Thursday 16.00 (GMT +03.00 İstanbul)




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