Product Management Essentials

This course provides an end-to-end perspective on the role of product management in technology companies. It provides a dynamic learning expiring by combining video and live lectures with interactive discussions and team exercises.


Date & Time : 22-23 September 2021

09:00 ( GMT +02:00 Amsterdam, Berlin)
10:00 ( GMT +03:00 İstanbul)


2 days (2x7 hours), remote/live


Product Managers and Product Owners
including aspiring ones

Learning Objectives

- Describe the strategic elements of building product businesses
- Create a common set of product development concepts
- Define a common set of expectations regarding multi-disciplinary collaboration in product development
- Explore operational models for product discovery and delivery
- Define a reference model for engagement with other disciplines

About Trainer

Greg Prickril (Product Management Practice Lead, QualifiedONE), who has shipped products at IBM, Microsoft, and SAP, has helped multiple organization plan and execute this transition and an employee and consultant. In a 20-year career, Greg Prickril, a strategic product management consultant, coach and trainer, and co-founder Greg has worked with many global enterprise companies to increase the strategic impact of their product management function.




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